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Live in Paradise!

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We care about your property and your assets.

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About Us

We are Silvia and Jesus, after living more than 30 years in many countries such as México, United States, Honduras, Spain and many others, developing and managing 5 stars hotels we came to Costa Rica to find the best place to live in, with our pet Toby our Persa Cat.In all those years most of our friends and neighbors always talked about the difficulties that they had to find a property management company that could manage, make it profitable, and keep their properties well maintained, but the most important to all of them was to find someone who could take care of their houses and all their belongings that have a story inside of their homes.

Knowing this, Silvia and I decide to stay in Costa Rica and use our knowledge in managing 5 stars hotels, and build our own company, following this essential concern of all our friends, and build more than a company, a place that can help us build new friendships.

​Want to live in paradise?

Want to live in Paradise?

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